Securing EKS Runtime with Alcide.io

Join Alcide.io Founder and CTO, Gadi Naor, as we explore tools to secure EKS and Kubernetes environments using the Alcide tools and solutions.

Unboxing Hashicorp's Waypoint

Join Eddie Zaneski, Adam Keller, and Brent Langston as we unbox Hashicorp's Waypoint, an open source project to help you manage your container applications across many different environments.

Amazon CloudWatch Prometheus metrics support

In September 2020 we announced the GA of Amazon CloudWatch supporting monitoring Prometheus metrics. In this CFTC session we will discuss and show what this means for both ECS and EKS.

Unboxing the new AWS Load Balancer Controller for K8s

Join @rothgar as we take a first look at the new AWS Load Balancer Controller for Kubernetes!.

Migrating https://tp.kuberneddies.dev/s/daily from EKS to ECS

Join Eddie Zaneski as we look at how he migrated tp.kuberneddies.dev from EKS to ECS and what the benefits and gotchas were.