Developing the new Amazon ECS Console!

Join Ruchita Rathi as she shows us the process of developing the new Amazon ECS console, and talks about the work-in-progress effort and future of the console, and how you can get involved.

Goodbye re:Invent 2020! - #ContainersFromTheCouch

We say goodbye to re:invent 2020 with a look back on all the container announcements since Kubecon.

On Premises - What does it really mean today? (A Discussion, with a demo) #ContainersFromTheCouch

Join @mreferre @rothgar @jbl13 @realadamjkeller and @brentContained as we talk about all the ways you can run containers local to you, and when and why you might want to. We'll show an early demo of ECS Anywhere just to get you thinking! ;-)

AWS re:Invent recap! #ContainersFromTheCouch

Join @rothgar @eddiezane @realadamjkeller and @brentContained as we dive in to more #reinvent2020 container announcements! #awsreinvent #reinvent #reinvent2020

Unboxing AWS Proton! #ContainersFromTheCouch

Rafa Alvarez and Patrick Nouvion join @realadamjkeller and @brentContained to take a first look at a brand new service: AWS Proton, a fully managed deployment service for managing your microservices.