Docker Basics

Unboxing Hashicorp's Waypoint

Join Eddie Zaneski, Adam Keller, and Brent Langston as we unbox Hashicorp's Waypoint, an open source project to help you manage your container applications across many different environments.

Exploring Handy Container Registry Tools

Join Justin Garrison (@rothgar) as he takes us on a tour of some useful CLIs for exploring container registries.

Bottlerocket OS - The Open Source Operating System built to host containers

Join Justin Garrison as we take a look at updating Bottlerocket OS, plus other fun stuff!

Exploring the Docker/ECS Integration with Docker!

Join us as we welcome Chad from Docker to the Couch to walk us through the new Docker Desktop ECS integration!

Unboxing Bottlerocket OS!

Join Justin Garrison as we unbox the new Container OS Bottlerocket! Let's see what props Justin comes up with for *this* session!