Docker Basics

Amazon ECR Cross Region / Cross Account replication - Example uses #ContainersFromTheCouch

Join @realadamjkeller as we take a look at some advanced use cases of cross region and cross account ECR replication.

Docker ECS Integration goes GA!

In this episode, Chad Metcalf from Docker will walk us through the recently announced integration with ECS and Docker.

How can you identify images you've sourced from Docker hub?

In a recent blog post, the AWS Containers team provides some helpful steps you can take to sure up your container image supply chain, and ensure your images are available when you need them. Today we're going to discuss this blog post, and look at the tools linked to discover which of our images come from Docker Hub.

Unboxing Hashicorp's Waypoint

Join Eddie Zaneski, Adam Keller, and Brent Langston as we unbox Hashicorp's Waypoint, an open source project to help you manage your container applications across many different environments.

Exploring Handy Container Registry Tools

Join Justin Garrison (@rothgar) as he takes us on a tour of some useful CLIs for exploring container registries.