Amazon ECS Service Extensions for AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)

Amazon ECS service extensions for AWS CDK are a way to programmatically define your architecture using simple additive building blocks that you can compose together in different combinations to enhance your container deployments with new AWS features. Learn how to use ECS service extensions in this episode!

Unboxing the CDK8s

We'll take a look at how we can use the CDK8s project to output yaml appropriate for deploying to kubernetes.

Unboxing the CDK to Terraform output format

We'll dive in and look at the new Preview feature that allows us to write CDK, but output to Terraform, rather than CloudFormation.

Unboxing the CDK Pipelines functionality!

We unbox the new CDK pipelines functionality that was just released in preview! Like all of our unboxings, who knows what might happen! We're going to be learning on the fly!

Deploy a Queue based workload on Amazon ECS using the CDK

Watch as Adam deploys an example Queue based workload to ECS using the CDK -- this should make it easy to handle your Queue based work, without having to worry about scale.