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Deploying a three tier microservices application using AWS Copilot

Watch along as we use the AWS Copilot cli to deploy our three tier microservices web application with ease!

Managing Resource Limits/Quotas for Your K8s Cluster

If you’ve ever wondered how to manage resource limits on K8s, join us today! We’re going to take a look at how to enforce resource limits for your cluster.

Intro to GitOps with Weave.works

Join us as we welcome Mahmoud Saada and Tiffany Wang from Weave.works to the show to discuss GitOps!

Exploring the new K8s/Security Group integration -

Watch as Brent and Adam explore and demo the new K8s/Security Group integration.

Kubectl Plugins - What are some useful ones? -

Let’s take a look at some useful Kubectl plugins and see how they can make our lives easier. Justin Garrison joins us again to give us a tour of some of his favorites.

Kubectl Plugins and Introducing Krew! -

Join Justin Garrison as he introduces the concept of extending kubectl functionality through the use of plugins… he might even attempt to write his own plugin live!

Using Copilot to Build CI/CD + Integration tests for your ECS app

Join Nathan Peck as he shows us how to build a CI/CD pipeline, complete with integration tests to continuously deploy your application to Fargate for ECS

Policy-based control for cloud native environments using OPA

Join Paavan, and the co-creators of OPA (Tim Hinrichs and Torin Sandall) as we dive in to look at managing your security policy using OPA.

EKS With Spot Priced Nodes

Let’s look at how to run spot priced instances, and schedule specific workloads to run on them.

Automating your custom AMI building with EC2 Image Builder

Join us as we dive in on how to automate your AMI building process using EC2 Image Builder. Watch as we take that customized AMI, and automatically update our EKS managed nodegroup with automated rolling updates.

Custom VPC Networking for your EKS pods

Let’s take a look at how to set up a custom VPC IP subnet to avoid IP exhaustion

Bottlerocket OS - The Open Source Operating System built to host containers

Join Justin Garrison as we take a look at updating Bottlerocket OS, plus other fun stuff!

Dive in on Customizing Managed Nodegroups

Join Jesse Butler as we dive in on how to customize your managed nodegroup for Amazon EKS.

Troubleshooting your AWS Fargate Task

Join Paavan Mistry as we explore how to troubleshoot your AWS Fargate task using ptrace.

Integrating your Secrets with Amazon ECS

Learn how to safely integrate your secrets into your ECS Tasks

Exploring the Docker/ECS Integration with Docker!

Join us as we welcome Chad from Docker to the Couch to walk us through the new Docker Desktop ECS integration!

Unboxing Customizing Managed Nodegroups

Join Jesse Butler as we take a tour of how to customize your managed nodegroup for Amazon EKS.

Unboxing ACK (AWS Controller for Kubernetes)

Join Justin Garrison as we take a look at ACK, and figure out how it should be pronounced!

Unboxing Bottlerocket OS!

Join Justin Garrison as we unbox the new Container OS Bottlerocket! Let’s see what props Justin comes up with for this session!

Container Day from Kubecon EU

Live Q&A Sessions from Container Day at Kubecon EU

Optimizing your Docker Images

Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks on how to optimize your docker images! we’ll start with the basics, how to build an image, and then look at some easy ways to optimize those images for size, build speed, and content.

Blue Green Deployments on ECS

Deploy a demo application on ECS Fargate and update the application using Blue/Green deployment capability of CodeDeploy and ECS.

IAM Roles for Service Accounts (IRSA) for EKS

Join Michael Hausenblas and Paavan Mistry as we explore fine grained IAM access controls for your workloads running in EKS.

Intro to Docker, Dockerfiles, Images, and other container stuff!

Justin Garrison (@rothgar) joins us on the couch today to talk about getting started with containers! This material will be useful to everyone thinking about, or just getting into containerization.

Kubeflow Pipelines and Sagemaker

Peter will show us how to integrate Kubeflow and Amazon Sagemaker using Kubeflow Pipelines!

IAM Groups to Manage Kubernetes Access

We’re going to look at how to manage access to the kubernetes cluster by using IAM groups.

Secrets for EKS, using KMS

Curious how you should encrypt and store your secrets for your EKS Cluster? Let’s look at using KMS!

CIS Benchmark for EKS

Join Paavan Mistry as he shows us one of the latest editions to EKS – the CIS Benchmark! Now you can evaluate your EKS Cluster against this security standard.

Kubeflow Fairing, Pipelines, Training, Oh My!

Let’s explore some advanced Kubeflow functionality - Fairing, Pipelines, and Distributed Training!

Kubeflow! Advanced Uses

Today we’ll continue to explore Kubeflow on EKS. Guest Star Peter Dalbhanjan will walk us through more machine learning uses for our cluster.

Kubeflow! Machine Learning on Kubernetes

Today we will take a look at using Kubeflow on our Kubernetes cluster (EKS).

Intro to RBAC for Kubernetes

Let’s take a look at how Role Based Access Control works in Kubernetes!

Unboxing the CDK8s

We’ll take a look at how we can use the CDK8s project to output yaml appropriate for deploying to kubernetes.

Unboxing the CDK to Terraform output format

We’ll dive in and look at the new Preview feature that allows us to write CDK, but output to Terraform, rather than CloudFormation.

Unboxing the CDK Pipelines functionality!

We unbox the new CDK pipelines functionality that was just released in preview! Like all of our unboxings, who knows what might happen! We’re going to be learning on the fly!

Deploy a Queue based workload on Amazon ECS using the CDK

Watch as Adam deploys an example Queue based workload to ECS using the CDK – this should make it easy to handle your Queue based work, without having to worry about scale.

Advanced AWS App Mesh Usage on Amazon EKS

We take a look at some advanced usage of AWS App Mesh on Amazon EKS.

AWS App Mesh on Amazon EKS

We take a look at how to set up AWS App Mesh on Amazon EKS. We walk through setting up the controller, and will go over all the different components of App Mesh.

How to Assign Pods to Nodes

Learn about advanced pod placement using labels, affinity, and anti-affinity

Unboxing the Docker/Amazon ECS Native Integration

Today we will try out the new integration from Docker that allows you to launch containers directly onto ECS from Docker Desktop.

Deploying EKS Pods to AWS Fargate

Learn how to deploy EKS Pods to AWS Fargate.

LIVE Q&A from the AWS C3 Conference

Today we are Live from the AWS Cloud Container Conference and are here to discuss all the new container announcements, and answer any audience questions that come up.

Exposing a Service on Kubernetes

Learn about the various ways to expose a service on Kubernetes, including LoadBalancer and Ingress.

Exploring Stateful Containers on EKS using EFS

We explore running stateful containers on EKS using EFS as our storage.

CI/CD for our ECS/Fargate apps using Copilot CLI

We’re going to continue yesterday’s exploration of the Copilot CLI by finishing our deploy of the workshop apps… then we’re going to see how we can build CI/CD for our apps using Copilot CLI.

Exploring Copilot CLI

We’re going to “unbox” and explore the Copilot CLI - for building and deploying your ECS apps to AWS Fargate.

How do Health Checks Work?

We will explore the different health check options for Kubernetes

Autoscaling for Kubernetes

In this video, we explore the Cluster Autoscaler, and Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA).

Upgrading EKS with Zero Downtime

Learn how to upgrade your EKS Cluster with zero downtime using EKSCtl

Deploy Example Microservices

Learn how to deploy basic microservices, using standard kubernetes objects.

Deploy Example Microservices with Helm

Learn how to deploy basic microservices, using Helm templating.

Deploy the Kubernetes Dashboard

Learn how to deploy the Kubernetes Dashboard

Introduction to EKSCtl

Learn how to use EKSCtl to Build and Configure EKS

Introduction to Kubernetes and EKS

Learn the basic components of Kubernetes and how EKS makes running Kubernetes easier.

Using Cloud9 to Manage your EKS Cluster

All demos are run from Cloud9. Learn to build your own environment to use for learning and testing.

ECS Capacity Providers

Explore ECS Capacity Providers

Cloudwatch Container Insights for ECS

Cloudwatch Container Insights for ECS

Running Stateful Workloads on ECS

Running Stateful Workloads on ECS

Build the Crystal Backend Service on ECS

Build the Crystal Backend Service on ECS

Build the ECS Platform

Build the ECS Platform

Build the Frontend Service on ECS

Build the Frontend Service on ECS

Build the NodeJS Backend on ECS

Build the NodeJS Backend on ECS

ECS Workshop Prerequisite Chapter

ECS Workshop Prerequisite Chapter

Intro to ECS

Intro to ECS

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